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Helpful Facts

We pick you up from the airport, provide complimentary hotel accommodation and guide you through over 40 hours of theory and practicums training before you teach.

After completing your initial training, we help you find accommodation that suits you, whether it is with training group friends or finding your own apartment. We know getting started is tough, so if money is an issue when you arrive, you can apply for an interest free loan of up to 5,000 RMB  to help you settle down in China.

Western food is expensive. Local food is very cheap. You can easily find a filling local rice, noodle, soup or dumplings dish for between RMB 10 and 30. A Big Mac fries and coke combo from McDonalds costs 25 RMB. Dinner for two in a good Italian restaurant will cost about 100 RMB. Supermarkets sell local and imported produce at average prices. Traditional markets sell fresh local produce at much better prices. Some western luxury items are simply exorbitant, but even these are slowly coming down as China becomes more international and its cities more cosmopolitan. While all manner of cuisine is available in the bigger cities, in some places choices are limited. Finding vegetarian food is always easy - China seems to have more kinds of tofu than street names.



The Mass Rapid Transit system, MRT, is a cheap and efficient way to get around China.

In Beijing, the MRT urban subway system is inexpensive and efficient - you can get to one side of the city to the other for 2 RMB. The high population density across China means that buses run regularly just about everywhere. Fares are very cheap (5-10 RMB).

It's never cheap to make a habit of taking taxis everywhere you go, but cab fares here aren't too bad. This is useful because often taking a taxi is the easiest way to find a new place. The cab fee starts at 12 RMB and 2 for each extra mile.  



Luxury buses will take you from Beijing to nearby cities for 500. You can travel the length of the country by train for 600. Smaller distances cost less. You can also take the High Speed bullet train down South for about 600. There are very little backpacker accommodations in China. Hotels start from about 200/ night.

Traveling to some other countries in Asia can be very reasonable. You can get return tickets to Honk Kong for 2,000, the Philippines for 3,000, Thailand or Vietnam for 3,000 and Japan for 4,000. During festivals such as Chinese New Year ticket prices usually increase.