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Will there be anyone to meet me at the airport?
We provide taxi fee reimbursement from the airport directly to the hotel which we will reserve for you.
Will I need to get any vaccinations before coming to Chi...
There are no mandatory vaccinations, as all schools are based in large cities. It may be a good idea to get a shot for Hepatitis A & B and discuss other suggestions with your local doctor.
What happens if I get sick?
Company's health insurance covers outpatient and hospitalization fees for physical injuries incurred as a result of an accident. It also includes compensation for accidental death. The employee's insurance goes into effect upon opening a bank account at any CITIC Bank branch in China (no record of previous medical condition). Consult HR for further information.
Who pays for my flight?
School will reimburse flight costs up to 10,000 RMB at end of one year contract. Foreign techer may choose to receive 7,000 RMB after the one month probation, However, if the Employee does not complete the one year contract, the 7,000 RMB will be cut from the last month's salary.
How will I get my visa?
After you confirm our offer and provide required documents, We will send you all necessary papers needed to obtain a visa. You need to take these papers, along with your passport, application form and any other documents needed (please check with your nearest Chinese embassy) to the Chinese embassy or consulate to apply for visa.
Housing allowance?
You will find your own housing and the school will provide a housing allowance each month. We will assist new teachers in the search for a suitable living arrangement. Such assistance is limited to language interpretation and housing recommendations. Before the teacher finds the apartment the company will arrange the hotel and pay 15 days hotel fee.
What are my working hours?
40 working hours per week, including office hours and teaching hours. Average weekly teaching hour is 20.
I can’t speak Chinese. Is that a&nb...
You can teach in China without knowing how to speak Chinese. Students expect to get immersed in English during class and so speaking Chinese is actually discouraged in class. There is always a Chinese teaching assistant to help with giving instructions and translating if need be. Also, 2 hours of Chinese lesson per week provided by company at employee’s flexible off hours.
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