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Service Philosophy

We Care

We care –two words pretty much sum up how Beile training school strives to serve its customers and treat its employees.

Being an after school language training institute, we care about the intellectual and emotional well-being of our each and every one of our students no less than their own day school. Character counts –knowledge and skills are merely wasted education without character. We believe a good way to foster wholesome characters is through actions of love and care in our every day teaching. We have formally adopted the Positive Behavior Support (PBS) system across our classroom, and seek to model appropriate behaviors and replace undesirable behaviors through positive reinforcement. Our teaching staff engages in various charity events to teach our students about the importance of citizenship and voluntarism.

We care about our employees. Beile training school English is one of the very few businesses in China where foreign employees often outnumber local hires. Imagine a young, ambitious, and yet very personable working environment. Our foreign teachers usually build up very close ties with their students, parents, and colleagues. Beginning and intermediate Chinese courses are provided to our foreign teachers. For Chinese employees who would like to improve their English, the centers arrange for daily English classes and language partner programs. Besides, both Chinese and American professionals make up our highly committed HR team, who understand the nitty-gritty of moving to a new country and are quite efficient in helping foreign teachers navigate through the transition process by tackling problems such as visa, and housing assistance.